12 Questions Your Accountant SHOULD Be Asking You

If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, make sure you tell your accountant at tax time!

  1. Did your marital status change this year?
  2. Did you have or adopt any children this year?
  3. Do you pay or receive spousal support?
  4. Did you buy or sell any real estate other than your principal residence?
  5. Do you have investments other than RRSP and TFSA accounts?
  6. Did you operate a self-employed business this year? If yes, do you have a home office?
  7. Do you have a company vehicle that you are allowed to use for personal errands?
  8. Did you attend college or make payments towards a student loan?
  9. Did you contribute to or withdraw from your RRSPs this year?
  10. Did you move more than 40km to start a new job or go to college?
  11. Do you care for a dependant (child or adult) who is physically or mentally impaired?
  12. Do you have any foreign income such as a pension from a foreign country?


Of course there are many more credits that are available! Here are the most common ones:

I am a…

  • public transit pass holder
  • parent of children with daycare, arts, fitness, or summer camp expenses
  • volunteer firefighter or search and rescue worker
  • first time home buyer
  • person who donated money to charitable or political organizations
  • first time charitable donator
  • person with medical expenses that were not reimbursed (or a portion of)
  • person with disabilities
  • parent or grandparent of a college student who is transferring their tuition credits to me
  • retired person with pension income that can be split with my spouse

Until next time!

-Alicia Loewen, Coastal Tax


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