How to File Your Taxes Without Leaving the House in 5 Easy Steps

See how easy it can be to file your taxes with Coastal Tax! Traditional accounting firms will require you to come in for appointments during the work day to drop off slips and sign forms, but this model doesn’t work for everyone. At Coastal Tax, the majority of returns are done entirely online! Contact Alicia at for more info.

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Tools Required: Printer, Scanner or good quality camera phone/tablet

STEP 1:  Email an inquiry to describing your tax situation to set up an initial phone call with Alicia.

STEP 2: You will receive an invite to our online client portal Intuit Link which is a secure site where we can share documents back and forth. Coastal Tax will have created a custom tax checklist and questionnaire for you to respond to. We do need your SIN to create the account. You are able to sign in to Intuit Link from your phone and take pictures of any slips you have and attach them to the checklist items. We have posted a short video about Intuit Link here.

STEP 3:  If you have a small self-employed business or rental income, we have an Excel template that you can use to summarize your income and expenses. Otherwise, provide us with your Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit & Loss), and General Ledger from your bookkeeping records.

STEP 4: There are a few CRA authorization forms that we will need you to print out, sign, and then upload scanned copies to Intuit Link. If you don’t have access to a scanner we recommend the free app Scannable by Evernote. If you have a decent camera phone this will convert a picture into a nice clear PDF file for us to submit to CRA.

∼ ∼ ∼

Pour yourself your favourite drink and wait for Coastal Tax to do the work. Maybe go on a ski holiday for the weekend or you could whip up that new curry recipe you’ve been wanting to try. Finally get to folding that mountain of laundry and take the dog/cat/pygmy marmoset for a walk. You’ll probably get a few follow up questions from Coastal Tax to make sure that everything has been covered.

∼ ∼ ∼

STEP 5:  Review the PDF tax summary you will get from Coastal Tax and let us know that you approve. Send your payment for our invoice via Interac eTransfer, Mastercard, or Visa and you’re done! You will receive an EFILE confirmation number shortly after and a PDF copy of your full tax return to keep on file.

Review the Tax Checklist now to get organized. If you need to catch up on previous years see the post Tax Tips for Late Filers!


About the Author:


Alicia Loewen is a certified Platinum QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and the owner of Coastal Tax and Accounting Services on Vancouver Island, BC. Coastal Tax is a modern accounting firm and offers all services remotely using online and paperless software to make bookkeeping and tax preparation as painless as possible. Contact Alicia to set up a free consultation.


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