Do You Qualify for the Affordable Child Care Benefit? (BC)


British Columbia has introduced a new program to replace the Child Care Subsidy with DOUBLE the previous income cap! If your family income is under $111,000 and you have children in daycare, you should apply for this.

A parent or guardian must be:

  • A resident of B.C.
  • A Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, a Convention refugee or a person in need of protection

Most types of child care are eligible. Child care by a family member who lives with you and licensed occasional child care are not eligible for funding.

Parents must provide one of the following reasons for requiring child care:

  • Working or self-employed
  • Attending school
  • Participating in an employment program
  • Looking for work (only one parent or guardian)
  • Living with a medical condition

A reason for care is not required if your child is attending a licensed preschool, or if you have been referred by a Ministry of Children and Family Development or Delegated Aboriginal Agency social worker.

Applications are income tested to determine whether a family qualifies for a funding amount based on their annual income and deductions, or adjustments.

Generally speaking, families that earn up to $111,000 may qualify for funding. Families that earn $111,000+ but have considerable deductions for family size or children who have special needs can also apply.


Find more information and apply here.


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